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How to Choose an Auto Glass Repair Company

One of the most important features of your vehicle is the glass. It’s doesn’t only keep you safe against the weather and road elements; it can also be a lifesaver – literally – when an accident occurs. That’s why it’s a must that you are extra cautious when choosing a company to meet your auto glass needs. There will be many choices, but obviously, they will not all be right for you.

Here are considerations to make when choosing an auto glass repair company:

Dedication to Quality

A good auto glass repair company knows the long and challenging journey auto glass takes to end up in their hands. Thus, be sure to go with a company that is very meticulous about the quality of every single piece they install.

Only Dealer or OEM Glass

There are lots of national auto glass companies that manufacture their own glass, but the quality of their products usually don’t measure up to that of OEM or dealer glass. There are usually distortions that reduce a driver’s ability to see through the glass correctly. New dealer or OEM glass, however, is made to satisfy the strictest quality standards that could not be guaranteed with generic glass.

Excellent Quality Installation Materials

The material used to hold auto glass in place is crucial, and for quality auto glass companies, this can only be 1000-PSI urethane – the same material used by glass manufacturers themselves. Any lower-strength urethane cannot protect you in a collision and will naturally break down in time, leaving you with a loose and possibly hazardous windshield. Two other effects of a windshield installed with cheap urethane are wind noise and water leakage.

Lifetime Guarantee

An auto glass repair company should guarantee their work, and if they don’t, it only means that they are not confident about their work. Besides, why would you trust people who don’t even trust themselves? A lifetime guarantee is proof that high quality materials and methods will be used to install your auto glass.

Reliable Customer Service

These days, consumers are finding it more difficult to talk to a live person who can provide expert help with their issues. National chains often simply rely on call centers to deal with calls from customers on a day-to-day basis. If you choose a reputable auto glass repair company, you can expect them to be more accessible and truly helpful with any concerns you might have. They can even go the extra mile just to work around your busy schedule. They know that while replacing your windshield is extremely important, your whole world doesn’t have to stop until they give you the help you need.

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