Find Furniture That Fits Your Personality

My wife added a new sectional couch to our living room based on the opinion of a professional designer. We’ve never been more excited to have guests over to our house. We’re always having people over to check out the new additions we have made to our house, but we’ve never been this excited to show off new furniture. The professional designer took our personalities in mind when she made her plans for our new living room and dining room furniture. It’s appealing to our sense of style, and I know it will be appealing to the people we enjoy spending time with.

It’s important to remember that we’re not keeping up with other couples in terms of how we live our lives. We have openly discussed this topic, and we talk about designing choices often in the company of our friends and family. We make it clear that we like to have our own style, so there’s no need to compete with other couples over who has the more stylish castle. Our home is presentable, and it is very clean. We have a few pets, so we had the professional designer take these things into consideration when she was coming up with her plan.

We weren’t sure about the choices she made at first, but after discussing her choices with her we started to understand her reasoning much better. We have a cat with dark hair, so it makes a lot of sense to go from having light colored furniture to having dark colored couches. I’m surprised we didn’t experiment this way in the past. We could have already been living in a home where we can’t see cat hair everywhere. Just because we can’t see cat hair on the furniture doesn’t mean it’s not there. We have to clean the couches often to avoid breathing in cat hair.

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Having animals in your home makes it difficult to have nice furniture because we’re afraid our pets might destroy our furniture with their sharp claws. Over time pets like to claw at the couches, and they might even soil the furniture, so we needed to find patterns and colors that won’t show wear and tear as easily. Any interior design services huntington beach ca. helped us find exactly what we were looking for. She took into consideration our personalities and our situation with our pets. The design she came up with was one we had never considered.

Our floor plan was different before we started working with the designer. We had couches around the walls of the living room, but we never tried experimenting with a couch in the middle of the space. All the furniture we have arranged makes it easy to do all the activities we like to do. My wife likes to read books by the fireplace, so we made sure there is adequate lighting there, and she picked out the most comfortable armchair. I like to have space to do yoga, so we cleared space too.